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Professional Car Servicing at Competitive Rates


Here at Shorncliffe Autos we offer servicing for a wide range of vehicles from commercial through to Classic Cars.


Car servicing is something that should be carried out after a certain distance has been travelled in your vehicle. Many manufacturers recommend a service every 10,000 miles. Car servicing is crucial to the longevity of your vehicle and can help you experience a hassle free motoring experience. If you service your car and keep a detailed record of the services you have it will also add value when you come to sell.

Our team carry out thorough servicing for a fraction of main dealer prices. We change the engine oil, replace the oil filter, replace the air filter, replace the fuel filter, replace the spark plugs, tune the engine, check level and refill brake fluid, check level and refill power steering fluid, check level and refill automatic transmission fluid, grease and lubricate components, inspect and replace the timing belt if needed and check condition of the tyres.

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